Developing with Distrust: Security Fundamentals for Developers

DevSecCon Boston 2018 speaker
11 Sep 2018
10:20 - 12:40
McKim Conference Room A

Developing with Distrust: Security Fundamentals for Developers

For DevSecOps to succeed, you must incorporate security into all aspects of the product team, including the people that make up the team. Whether you’re adding a new security check to your pipeline, peer reviewing code, or trying to detect attacks on your new microservice, having a solid understanding of the underpinnings of security will help you accomplish them all more effectively. Once you’re familiar with them you can apply them to every language, framework, tool, and process you use on a daily basis. This workshop, intended for developers and other DevSecOps team members, will cover these fundamental concepts of security, explaining them in real world terms. Attendees will have the chance to apply them immediately while looking at code examples inspired by real vulnerabilities.

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