The path of secure software

DevSecOps Boston Speaker - Katy Anton (Application Security Consultant)
11 Sep 2017
11:25 - 12:15

The path of secure software

Cyber attacks are a real and growing threat to businesses and an increasing number of attacks take place at application layer. The best defence is to develop applications where security is incorporated as part of the software development life cycle.

How can developers write more secure applications? What are the security techniques they can use while writing the software that will help them produce more secure applications?

This talk will present the main steps that will guide developers down the path of secure software. The presentation will describe each of the security controls that can be incorporated within software development life cycle and will provide real world examples on how to solve some of the most prevalent security problems on the internet.

Recommended to all builders and security professionals interested in incorporating security techniques as part of software development cycle and building more secure applications.