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We’re excited to present the first podcast interview (one out of two) that Cybercroissant is kindly sharing with us, recorded during the Open Security Summit 2018.

In this interview, Stu Hirst (Head of Security Engineering at Photobox) is talking about the importance of pushing boundaries if you are passionate about your work and how to share your knowledge, faith and stories across a melting-pot tech community:


Stu Hirst at the Open Secur

Stu Hirst (aka BBQ master) at the Open Security Summit, June 2018

If you enjoyed this recording, check out Cybercroissant’s other security podcasts at

I do Security stuff. Currently at Photobox (inc Moonpig, PosterXXL and Hofmann)
Former procrastinator turned excited imposter. Regular LinkedIn brain-farter. Former IT Security bloke for Skyscanner, Capital One and The Trainline.

Organiser of Security Scotland:
Speaker at Security conferences and events (only when beer provided).

Husband, proud daddy, guitarist, drummer, muso, ex-DJ/producer, Fleetwood Mac aficionado, Scottish Leeds fan, novice-but-improving boxer, general good egg! The glass is always half full. Enjoying the ride.

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