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10 must-listen-to cybersecurity podcasts

February 23, 2022

Sam Hepburn

You can never know too much about the world of cybersecurity. We at DevSecCon want our community to be familiar with the latest industry news, threats and conversations. A great way to stay up to date on all things cybersecurity is through podcasts. To get you started, here are 10 must-listen-to cybersecurity podcasts.

Darknet Diaries

Enthusiasts love stories about the dark corners of the internet — as long as they’re not victims of it. Jack Rhysider guides his listeners into the depths of the hacking world, discussing current events, sharing tales of former incidents and giving former hackers a chance to tell their stories. One of our favorite episodes is Rhysider’s discussion with social engineer Jenny Radcliffe, AKA the People Hacker, who explains how she gets paid to break into buildings.

SANS Internet Stormcenter Podcast

Want to stay up to date about security but only have a few minutes to spare? Then SANS is just the right amount of podcast for you. Johannes B. Ulrich provides brief updates every weekday about recent hacks, data breaches and information security threats — all in 5 minutes. It’s the perfect podcast to pair with your morning coffee.

Security Now

Want a deeper dive? In a two-hour weekly show, Steve Gibson, founder of Spinrite and ShieldsUp, breaks down trending cybersecurity topics alongside co-host Leo Laporte. They record each Tuesday, live at 4:30 pm ET, so fans can both listen to and watch the podcast on the Security Now website. For all you Log4Shell followers, check out the “Anatomy of a Log4j exploit” episode.

Risky Business

Awarding-winning journalist Patrick Gray hosts an hour-long, multi-format show discussing the latest in cybersecurity. In most episodes, Gray and his co-host Adam Boileau talk about the interesting stories from the previous week. But the best shows may be the “Soap Box” episodes, where Patrick spends an hour discussing major security topics with current industry leaders. Check out Gray’s interview with Ryan Kalember, the EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint to get his take on Proofpoint’s competitor Microsoft and its polarizing incentives program.

Smashing Security 

Join Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault for a funny and more laid-back discussion on cybersecurity. Their show features a weekly guest and focuses on the more peculiar side of the industry. Recent episodes include Pokemon, NFTs and unicorns. As Graham and Carole will tell you, “It’s not your typical cybersecurity podcast.”

What the Hack?’ with Paul Levin

No one wants to get hacked or scammed — the consequences can, at least, cause significant inconvenience and, at worst, change your life completely. “What the Hack?” with Paul Levin gives voice to the victims who tell the most outrageous stories about being hacked. The two-part episode with Axton, a guest who went looking for an identity thief and was shocked to discover the culprit is a real doozy.

Malicious Life

They say those who overlook history are doomed to repeat it. So what can we learn from hacks of the past? Author and industry expert Ran Levi digs into the major cybersecurity events that changed the course of history. Travel back to the 80s and find out “How the Internet Changed the NSA.” Or, get the inside story on the FBI’s attempt to access iPhones in 2015. 


For true crime fans, hosts Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder dissect hacking incidents from broken ice cream machines to ransomware and cryptocurrency. Through storytelling and analysis, the pair look at how vulnerable our daily lives can be in the digital age. Don’t know which episode to start with? We recommend the “Dead Messengers.”

Modem Mischief

If all the world’s a state, Modem Mischief gives us a look into the cybersecurity players. Host Keith Korneluk delves into the lives and exploits of major figures in the cybersecurity landscape. Of note are episodes on Edward Snowden, John McAfee and the man who hacked NASA — Gary McKinnon

And while you’re at it…

We not only love industry podcasts, we produce one as well. The Secure Developer is made for cybersecurity professionals by cybersecurity professionals. Host Guy Podjarny, Founder and President of Snyk, invites a new cybersecurity leader each week to talk shop, share relevant experiences and unveil their predictions for the future of cybersecurity. 

Start with this episode featuring Rinki Sethi, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Twitter, to learn about core principles for embedding security throughout an entire company. 

Sam Hepburn

Senior Manager, Global Communities at Snyk

About Sam Hepburn

Sam has spent the past decade in London becoming a well-known face of the tech startup scene. Working with a variety of organisations within London and now globally building some of the largest tech communities in the world. Her main aim is to create environments for individuals to feel welcome and for communities to flourish.

She’s currently leading the community team at including DevSecCon helping developers adopt security into their development workflows. She is the producer of The Secure Developer podcast and on the Steering committee for Devoxx UK. 


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