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Looking to expand your awareness and sales in today’s ever changing Cybersecurity world? Let DevSecCon help! Through exhibits and sponsorship, you can position your company in front of energetic DevOps and Security professionals who are eager to take their application and infrastructure security to the next level.

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Enhance your profile in the DevSecOps world

DevSecOps promotes a strong shift in the way DevOps and Security work together which is changing IT culture as we know it. You have the opportunity to be positioned as a leader in the new age for continuously secure IT development and influence the discussion around the future of DevSecOps.

Promote and showcase

Showcase your company and services to decision makers, influencers, future employees and users at all levels of IT Security and DevOps. Prior to the conference you can increase your reach and exposure to new clients, customers, team members and businesses via our outreach activity.

Network, connect and reconnect

At DevSecCon you will have the opportunity to reconnect with friends and make new connections with more talented Developers, DevOps, Security professionals and influential experts.

Our previous sponsors include

  • MWR Infosecurity - DevSecCon Sponsor
  • DevSecCon Sponsor - Checkmarx

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