Developing a high-performance security focussed Agile Team

23 Feb 2017
13:00 - 14:55
Workshop, Orchard Room

Developing a high-performance security focussed Agile Team

Quality (security included) does not have to be neglected when you’re planning, building and running a high-performance development team.

Kim will set the stage with how and why Agile development teams fail, explained with a familiar anecdote taken from his new book “Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers”, coupled with how you can change this.

Kim will then discuss and demo a set of light weight processes, practises and tools, that when combined have proven their value in:

  1. Aiding high throughput (reducing time to market)
  2. Significantly increasing quality (finding and removing bugs)
  3. Without de-scoping

and all while reducing total project cost (fact).
If this sounds like breaking the laws of physics, or too good to be true, then this workshop is for you.

Kim will finish off with the habits of top developers and how we can make them part of our lives.

What Attendees Will Need In Order To Participate

In order to participate in this session, All attendees will need a computer that has at least one of the following. From most preferred to least:

  1. VirtualBox installed to run a vbox image (That’s a VirtualBox VM)
  2. Some virtualisation software installed that can create a VM with the .vmdk disk image that Kim will provide
  3. Be prepared to set-up all components from scratch using ( and ( This generally has a few unexpected hurdles that need to be worked through. If this option is taken, you MUST set-up before the workshop.

If attendees do not have the VM or components set-up before the workshop, Kim will be passing a VM around via NTFS formatted (for files over 4GB) USB stick (I only have four USB sticks). This will slow the class down, so ideally all students are set-up before the workshop.