About DevSecCon Asia

Unifying DevOps and Security for secure, continuous development

The industry challenge

IT security has never been more important – and if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that it will only get more critical, not less. But with business pressures demanding quick release cycles for new software, security is too often managed as an afterthought, compressed into a reduced timeframe and vastly compromised as a result.

But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice security for speed of delivery. DevOps and Security practices can – and should – work together to ensure security is built into development continuously, without impacting critical deadlines and delaying release cycles. Don’t accept the compromise.

A new perspective

DevSecCon brings together key figures from both the DevOps and Security world to showcase how these two core competencies can align to improve the overall quality of software and project delivery. The conference aims to share those insights and experiences to help our attendees challenge the status quo in their organisations and radically rethink their approach to secure development and delivery.

The event is run by practitioners, for practitioners. With keynote presentations from industry experts, plus panel discussions and hands-on workshops, attendees will receive thought-provoking insights as well as actionable tips and best practices.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event this year as we continue on our journey to make software delivery more secure, without compromise.

What can you find at DevSecCon Asia?

  • Dual-track DevSecOps conference featuring a series of lightning talks, presentations and workshops
  • Exhibitor area providing insights to new products and services

Why attend?

  • To learn about ways to implement security as code in the overall development process – from the supply chain to the customer experience
  • To find out how you can apply security to match your strategic business objectives
  • For a chance to meet with the worlds’ DevSecOps leaders
  • The opportunity to network with your peers in the DevSecOps community, exchange ideas and develop new professional relationships
  • To stay up-to-date with latest technologies and innovations in development, security and operations

Who is DevSecCon for?

  • DevOps, Security and DevSecOps practitioners
  • Agile practitioners
  • Developers, Pentesters and Sysadmins
  • Architects, Engineers and Analysts
  • CIOs, CISOs and IT Managers

Who's behind DevSecCon Asia?

Francois Raynaud

Francois is the founder of DevSecCon. He is actively involved in security automation projects supporting continuous delivery and currently working as the enterprise security architect for a global retailer preceded by 17 years at ASOS, Betfair, Verizon Business, HSBC and RSA where his consulting engagement spanned across implementing CERT teams, incident response strategy, security architecture design, IT security management and penetration testing.


Suman Sourav

Suman has more than a decade experience in designing software security defense programs and is passionate about integrating security into the development life-cycle. He has worked with various financial and non-financial institutions to implement software security life-cycle. He is co-founder of DevSecOps Singapore to build local community of developers, testers, architects, sysadmins and security folks to explore proven and novel ways to put security into DevOps and build it into the SDLC, end-to-end.


Stefan Streichsbier

Stefan has been focusing on information security since 2003. He is passionate about analysing complex applications through architecture, design and source code reviews and improving their security posture. At Vantage Point Stefan is working on revolutionary approaches to integrate security into agile and devops and help organisations to build and develop application security programs.


Lisa Raynaud

Lisa is a London based designer from Germany, where she studied Media and Communication Management. Throughout her career, she has created designs for companies including the European Space Agency, ASOS, Verizon, Thomson Reuters and other tech businesses. Lisa specialises in branding, print and digital design and motion graphics. In 2015 she helped to launch DevSecCon and is now responsible for all communication strategy and design related activities.