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Training Objectives

Are you someone who is tasked with securing your cloud environment? Are you doing DevOps for your organisation? Are you left with the nagging feeling about what you are doing and deploying is secure or not? Do you wonder if you are following all the security best practices as prescribed by the cloud provider? Are you struggling to keep your cloud instances updated, security groups maintained and basic cloud hygiene?
Look no further – this training course will teach you everything you need to know about how to secure your cloud infrastructure and the applications hosted on them. 


What to expect

Hands-on training around cloud infrastructure security and application security.
Cloud Architecture is not covered by this course.


What attendees need to know:

  • The training is for developers and IT professionals who are familiar with the basics of IT security
  • Attendees need to understand how networks are set up, applications are deployed and the concepts of Authentication and Authorization

Hardware and software requirements

A computer which connects to the Internet and is capable of running a browser and command line tools, with the ability to install software. All software will be provided by the trainers.

Course outline


  • Cloud Basics Primer
  • Why does Cloud require Security?
  • Security in the Public Cloud/ Infra As A Service
  • Shared sense of security
  • Data Security in transmission
  • Data Security at rest
  • Public Clouds GCP, Azure and AWS
  • Basics of Infrastructure Security


  • Secure Remote Administration of Servers
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Securing the Server OS
  • Securing the Server Software – Hands On
  • Securing the Virtual Network – Hands On
  • Maintaining Security
  • Hands On


  • Setting up secure infra and applications
  • Security Testing
  • Test the security of your instance
  • Create a basic test plan
  • Tools to do network scanning
  • Tools to do application scanning


  • Advanced Preview of Attacking and Pwning Cloud Apps and Infra
  • Advanced attacks against Virtualization
  • Global Security Threats
  • Cryptography and Encryption options in the cloud
  • PKI
  • Key Management
  • Online Hands-On CTF (3 Hours)

Ways to attend this course

Private Team Training

We can provide this course for multiple individuals within a team or across an organisation. The training content can be tailored specifically to your project or your team’s skill gaps.
Get in touch to find out more.

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About the trainers

Automation Security Ninja, Appsecco
Director, Appsecco

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