About DevSecCon

In 2015 we hosted our first DevSecCon conference in London. It was so successful that now, in 2017, DevSecCon takes place in three locations across the globe. Our conference is the world’s only conference dedicated to DevSecOps – the practice of building security into development processes. Our events are packed with inspiring presentations by industry experts and networking opportunities, making it an invaluable event for anyone working in Development, DevOps and Security.

The industry challenge

IT security has never been more important – and if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that it will only get more critical, not less. But with business pressures demanding quick release cycles for new software, security is too often managed as an afterthought, compressed into a reduced timeframe and vastly compromised as a result. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice security for speed of delivery…

DevSecOps – A new perspective

DevSecOps is a new approach that has the intense collaboration of DevOps and Security at its heart. Together these two core competencies can find ways to build security into development continuously, without impacting critical deadlines and delaying release cycles.

DevSecCon is a platform for leading experts and practitioners to showcase their DevSecOps ideas in thought-provoking talks and workshops. Attendees learn how to implement security as code in the development process, ensure secure continuous delivery, automate and monitor security processes and create an inclusive and collaborative culture between DevOps and Security.

Why attend DevSecCon?

Expect 15+ new and seasoned speakers: cutting edge practitioners and leading figures from the DevOps, Security and DevSecOps industry
Learn about ways to implement security as code in the overall development process – from the supply chain to the customer experience
Find out how to apply security to match strategic business objectives and radically rethink the approach to secure development and delivery
Exchange ideas and develop new professional relationships with fellow attendees over complimentary breakfast, lunch and networking drinks
Gain in-depth knowledge by attending workshops, they are hands-on and full of practical take aways that can be implemented immediately
With two conference tracks, you can choose the sessions that are most relevant to you
Stay up-to-date with the latest DevSecOps technologies and innovations, and meet the companies behind them in the exhibitor area

Who will be there?

DevSecCon is for anybody who wants to challenge the status quo in their organisation and change their approach to secure development and delivery.

To name just a few: DevOps Team Leads, Security professionals, Agile practitioners, Developers, Product innovation Managers, Pentesters, DevSecOps Team Leads, Head of Platforms, Sysadmins, Cloud Security Strategists, Architects, Engineers, Analysts, CTOs, CISOs, IT Managers, Consultants, Directors, Application Security Experts, Project Managers, …

Who’s behind DevSecCon?

Francois Raynaud

Francois is the founder of DevSecCon. As an independent IT Security Advisor he is actively involved in implementing DevSecOps projects and has 17 years of industry experience working with companies including Betfair, Verizon, HSBC and RSA.

Lisa Raynaud

Lisa is a freelance Senior Graphic Designer specialised in B2B marketing for tech companies. In 2015 she helped to launch DevSecCon and is now responsible for all communication strategy and design related activities.

Our volunteers

A big thank you to our volunteers without whom DevSecCon would not be possible!

From left to right: Craig Aitchison, Francois Raynaud, Lisa Raynaud, Zita Köhler, Istvan Benedek, Lysbeth Davis, Rob Davis and our two lovely Skills Matter receptionists.