DevSecCon Academy

Training in-demand skills and cutting-edge talent with courses for DevOps, Development and Security professionals

The DevSecCon Academy is a platform for established and innovative training courses, that reach across different specialisation areas of DevSecOps. We offer a range of immersive courses for individual professionals, as well as tailored solutions for companies and teams.

Transform your career, empower your workforce!

High-quality courses

Do you want to tone up your DevSecOps skills or launch a new career? We can help you.

Real-world experts

Our courses are led by experienced instructors who are also Developers, DevOps or Security professionals. You’re in good hands!

2-in-1 packages

Selected courses are organised in combination with DevSecCon conferences and training bookings include a free conference pass!

Corporate Training

Our courses can be tailored specifically to your project or your team’s skill gaps, to unleash their full potential.

Available courses

Container Security, Orchestration and Serverless training

26-27 FEB 2019 | 2-DAY COURSE

Through specific theory elements and extensive hands-on exercises, learn how containerized deployments can be made secure, yet scalable, efficient and effective.

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Real-World Security


Learn how to ‘think securely’ and to build secure software that can defend itself from modern web attacks.

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Security in the Cloud


Hands-on training course around cloud infrastructure security and application security for developers and IT professionals.

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